Transport Networks

The TX150/e+ is a compact and ruggedized tester for installing, commissioning and troubleshooting SDH, SONET, PDH and T-Carrier networks. Advanced transmission test capabilities normally associated with larger instruments have been scaled and integrated into a handheld platform which boasts a rich array of next generation features including color touchscreen, intelligent LiIon battery, and built in Triple Play service verification functions.

In-Service Testing Applications:
- Optical Power and Frequency
– Tributary Scanning
– Performance Analysis per G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2101
– Pointer Analysis and Generation
– APS Measurement/Service Disruption
– Tandem Connection Monitoring
– Overhead Byte Control and Decode
– Overhead BERT

Teknoex Transport Networks

Out-of-Service Testing Applications – Point to point BERT
– Tributary Mapping/de-Mapping
– Path/Section Trace Generation
– Bringing Into Service (M.2100)
– Pulse mask analysis (T1/E1/E3/DS3)
– Mux Testing
– Round Trip Delay (RTD)

Teknoex Transport Networks

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